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Commercial constructions is a vast sector of construction that covers a multitude of projects & levels.


Common Types of Commercial Construction Projects

  • Restaurants
  • Medical Facilities
  • Retail & Grocery
  • Shopping Strips
  • Accommodations
  • Industrial Structures
  • Institutional Buildings


Levels of Commercial Construction


Smaller projects such as office space redesigns, structure updates, and many building repairs fall under small-scale commercial construction. This is typically less-costly and requires minimum personnel from the general contractor’s side of things. For business owners thinking of rebranding, opening up spaces, or adding extensions to the structure, these would fall under small-scale commercial construction. Think of it as a facelift to your building or office space.


Over time, buildings start to lose the fresh look and flair they once had. They also start to get old and so do the materials. Medium-scale commercial construction projects are for business owners that are looking for a building restructure, additional structures (expansions), remodels, or other more time-consuming projects.

Hire a Local Commercial Contracting Company

Before you start on a commercial construction project, take the time to perform the necessary steps for a successful build. If you are in the market to start on your commercial construction project in Phoenix metro area, contact us at Express Construction AZ, Inc. to handle your construction and remodeling needs. We are licensed and insured construction contractors that only use the best materials, handled by the crew with the most experience. 


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Whatever your needs are in the remodel, construction, or build, let Express Construction work with you.

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