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Renter Retention

Outdoor Movie Night

I know we’re moving in to that crazy super busy leasing season (or at least we all hope that we are), and I remember from working on site exactly how draining some of these upcoming days can truly be! The last thing we want to do is to add anything more to our already overflowing schedules, but I want to encourage you to work in some resident retention time.


Remember, it’s STILL cheaper to retain them than to turn even one apartment, and working the retention angle is one of the more fun things that we get to do in the world of property management. It’s all about making real and personal connections, and that starts with getting your residents out of their apartments and socializing with each other. Here is my top idea for the month of May. more...

Dog Parks Rule!

How do you keep apartment residents around?

Answer: Make them feel like they belong by "Building A Community".


As a property manager, I am sure you are faced daily with the longing question on how to keep residents from moving out. Instead of focusing your efforts on chasing what may be headed out the door, why not put your energy into what "attracts" new residents and what will "keep” them there for years to come? more...


Lighting Retrofit!


Experts in Lighting and Controls

A turn key project will include the following:

Material procurement

Rebate Coordination


Project Management

Warranty Support