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Dog Parks - Dog Washes - Dog Runs

How do you keep apartment residents around?

Answer: Make them feel like they belong by "Building A Community".

As a property manager, I am sure you are faced daily with the longing question on how to keep residents from moving out. Instead of focusing your efforts on chasing what may be headed out the door, why not put your energy into what "attracts" new residents and what will "keep” them there for years to come?


In looking around at those properties that seem to always have a waiting list for new tenants, take a hard look at what they do and add it to your list of ‘things TO do". Here's some just one of the things that we feel is a great addition for you to implement at your property.


Our first installment of "Improving Resident Retention" is to build, expand or enhance a Dog Park! “Ruff” You say? Actually not so rough, and we can help!

Pet ownership is on the rise and for the busy tenant who's had a long day at work, it's a nice feeling for them to come home and be able to take Fido out to play, without having to load him into the car and drive to a local dog park.

1) Dog Parks are on the top of our list for attracting and retaining renters.

Here’s some Tips on how to make them great!


  • a) Position your dog park that is centrally located for all your residents to use or conveniently located near the section of the complex that allows pets.
  • b) Make gates easy to open - and conveniently placed - at one or both sides for easy access.
  • c) Make sure the surface is appealing to dogs and their owners.
  • d) Offer shaded areas for owners and pets to get some shade during the sunnier parts of the day.
  • e) Offer a place for community information at the Dog Park to entice community socialization.
  • f) Be sure to maintain the park keeping it clean, safe and up to date!
  • g) Hold events that promote Pet Ownership, like "Halloween Dress Up Day" Contest.
  • h) Offer easy access to water - perhaps disguised in the Fire Hydrant!


People need a sense of community if you want them to stay around. If they truly feel like they belong in their apartment complex and they are able to create new friendships, they are likely to remain! Property management companies that build a sense of community will not only help themselves but their residents too!

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